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All of the above pathologies of the genital organs that occur in children are also relevant for adults, including cryptorchidism. If it is not identified in childhood, its manifestation in adulthood is more serious, for example, reproductive impairment.

Delay can cause a chronic form of prostatitis, and then - infertility, lack of sexual desire, severe cystitis, dangerous kidney damage, etc. In addition, a visit to the urologist is required when the shape of the penis changes, the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the form of itching, redness, rashes , if necessary, perform a circumcision operation.

Let's highlight the accompanying signs of disorders of the genitourinary system, with the appearance of which an adult needs immediate consultation with a urologist: Feeling of fullness in the bladder, even with a slight accumulation of urine in it;

Symptoms of prostatitis include the manifestations listed above, to which you canbut add the following: increased body temperature, increased nervousness, general malaise, thirst, decreased appetite, as well as pain in the rectum and during ejaculation, problems with erection. A visit to a specialist should not be delayed.

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Changes in the nature of urine - color, consistency, transparency, the appearance of impurities (blood, pus or mucus);

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